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Working closely with our lead corporate partner, Bank of Ireland, DigitalHQ clg’s mission is to help Ireland’s small businesses, and the towns they are a fundamental part of, not just survive in the digital economy but to thrive.

The financial wellbeing of our towns depends on the future proofing of their small business community. We see a number of key, mutually reinforcing, elements to our work including :



Help sustainable small businesses grow by leveraging digital channels effectively both individually, and collectively through the town’s website.


Create footfall with a high capture rate for physical premises through filling in the gaps in the high street with coworking spaces.

In Dun Laoghaire Town we have a 4 pronged approach to helping the regeneration of the business community of towns through -


Helping build the bridge between the digital and traditional business communities in the town through our programme of Digital Dún Laoghaire Meetups. Supporting traditional businesses getting the most from digital through our free Lunchtime Briefing workshops.


We offer participants from our free lunchtime briefings the opportunity to convert their learning into action by showcasing their digital activities on the website. To increase footfall we want to engage the town's retail & hospitality businesses by having a central point to communicate and promote their events through



Knowledge-intensive activities create high quality jobs and produce a positive multiplier effect for the town. DigitalHQ coworking space is sponsored by Bank of Ireland with all membership fees going in to supporting DigitalHQ’s work in the town. Our coworking space is a feeder for the commercial coworking spaces and serviced offices in Dún Laoghaire thus making a whole new layer of coworking spaces possible in the town.

Coworking attracts new businesses and digital freelancers with essential skills to the town, and helps fill gaps in the vacant premises on the high street by creating high quality coworking spaces for professionals. This in turn increases footfall for local traditional small businesses helping them survive and thrive into the future.


Our goal is to create an agenda for engaging with digital in an integrated way across the business community, the town’s website and sections of the town’s planning by the County Council that are relevant to helping make the town an appealing place for creatives and digital talent to work and spend time and money. Therefore, we input into the County Council’s placemaking initiatives for Dún Laoghaire Town and make relevant grant applications. 

While DigitalHQ is not the total solution we believe our approach can play a key role in helping catalyse and sustain adaptation for the small business community and the town’s they support.

Our approach to accelerating Digital Growth for Towns & their communities of Small Businesses

“Digital technologies are creating huge change for Ireland’s small businesses and the towns and communities that they are a fundamental part of. While the web presents significant challenges it also represents opportunities for those that engage with it.”

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