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4th July, 2024

Harnessing technology for a better world one locality at a time

We look forward to you joining us!


Eoin Costello

Nada Pupovac

Forum Director

Forum Manager

Europe's boutique conference on the intersection between technology & social innovation


Official Reception

Harbour Master House

Wednesday, 3rd July

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Ossian Smyth T.D.

Minister of State at the Government of Ireland

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Denis O'Callaghan

Councillor, An Cathaoirleach

DLR County Council

Guests of honour

Dargan Forum

DLR County Council

Thursday, 4th July

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The Garden Party

Eblana Club

In association with

Thursday, 4th July

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Lars Thuesen

Ambassador, Embassy of Denmark in Ireland

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Guest of honour

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We must ensure the benefits oftechnology are available to all.How do we ensure thatthe rising tide lifts all boats,not just the strongest.


Tech + Small Businesses

Tech + Smart Solutions

Tech + Meaning & Belonging through Genetic Genealogy

Tech + Energy Sustainability

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Who is this event for?

Change makers from across the country, particularly rural areas that would like to learn how localities can become platforms for sustainable job

Community activists who can learn how Digital First Communities can help unite people around their place for its prosperity.

Hub managers who can find out how their hub can become a driver of a better, more sustainable way of life for their locality.

Government officials from departments concerned with economic and rural development.

Members of the public who want to play their part in helping create a better future through Digital First Communities.

What's the collective noun fora cluster of small businesses? A Town!

Call For Projects

Express your interest in your project being included

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About the Dargan Forum

Dún Laoghaire was a hotbed of innovation during the industrial revolution, innovations that changed Irish society and shaped modern Ireland. Our logo reflects four of the major technological advances that took place in our town.

The Dargan Forum was established in 2023 in the wake of the launch of Chat GPT, the visible manifestation of the ever increasing pervasiveness of technology at a time when many are already under pressure to cope and adapt to constant change. 

While the innovations of the industrial revolution were physical in nature those of the 21st century are digital. This increasing change from physical to digital in how we experience the world is increasing the digital divide between those that can and do leverage technology and those that can't and haven’t.

Taking each innovation clockwise from the top left of our logo


The paddle steamer SS Royal Sovereign began operations in 1826 servicing the route between the world's largest asylum harbour at Dún Laoghaire and the UK.  The construction of Dún Laoghaire Harbour, initially named as Kingstown Harbour, was a significant technological feat of the 19th century. It brought a major increase in post and travel between Ireland and the UK.

Weather forecasting

An early version of the world's most commonly used Anemometer (a device that measures wind speed and direction) was installed on Dun Laoghaire pier in 1852 based on a design by Thomas Robinson of Trinity College.


In 1834 Dún Laoghaire became the birthplace of Ireland's railway network when The Hibernia steam engine pulled into the first commuter railway station in the world.


The world's first use of radio to cover a live event took place when inventor of wireless telegraphy Guglielmo Marconi covered the Kingstown Regatta in 1898. Marconi transmitted signals of the results of the Kingstown Regatta to Moran Park House, Queens Road, formerly the Harbour Master’s house

Our logo also captures the energy of the people of the town who, after 100 years of being Kingstown, voted in 1922 to embrace the Gaelic name reflecting the location being the ancient seat of King Laoghaire who is traditionally believed to have ruled from about 428 to 458 AD.

Why Dargan?

Dun Laoghaire was the birthplace of Ireland’s rail network in 1834 thanks to the drive and determination of William Dargan. The democratising power of this new technology brought people and places closer. When Dargan built Ireland's first railway to Dun Laoghaire in 1834 it opened the floodgates on rail travel in Ireland, a railway network which at its peak reached 5,600 km of track and 140 stations.

Interesting facts about William Dargan

  • Born near Carlow town to a large family of tenant farmers he was educated in a local hedge school ultimately becoming the most important Irish engineer of the 19th century.

  • He had a strong sense of patriotism to Ireland. He was offered a knighthood by the British Viceroy in Ireland and a baronetcy by Queen Victoria when she visited his house in 1853, but he declined both.

  • He helped establish the National Gallery of Ireland on land where he had staged Ireland's 'Great Industrial Exhibition' in 1853. The intent of the exhibition was to introduce the industrial revolution to Ireland, which was behind some other European countries.


Ireland has gone on to be a world leading location for the HQs of companies that are changing the world through the power of technology in Dublin Docklands, just a couple of kilometres from Mallin Station, Dun Laoghaire where it all began!

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A person ‘who had raised himself solely by his own industry & energy’ to become ‘an emblem of national hope’

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Our Venues

Dún Laoghaire, one of Europe’s top coastal towns, is full of buildings that exude history and character!

For 2024 we will be activating more venues in our town.


Harbour Master’s House


Located at the rear of DLR County Hall on Crofton Road it was built in the neo-classical style with Dalkey granite in 1820. It contains an unusual staircase and is surmounted by a clock tower and signalling turret.


DLR County Hall


Built as the Town Hall for the Kingstown District Commissioners in 1879 by architect John L. Robinson, the building features a Romanesque style in architecture. It holds a collection of art created by Irish-based artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. It was one of the last public buildings to be constructed in Dún Laoghaire in the nineteenth century. The seat of the Council Chamber for the county for many years it has served as the headquarters for the administration of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown as wall as a venue for entertainment and culture, with plays, opera, dancing and pantomime.

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The Eblana Club


Once built “The Eblana Lodge” went through a succession of owners from the department store owning Switzer family (1850) to the Vance family of surgeons (1877) to Lt. General Henry Hall from the British Army to McCabe (1879) a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. It became a club for social inclusion in 1910 which it operates as to this day.


Come for our Forum, stay for our town!

With Dun Laoghaire's unique history and its spectacular views it's a great place to spend a couple of days.

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