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Mentors at DigitalHQ

As part of our role as a not-for-profit digital growth hub all DigitalHQ members contribute
1 hour a month of their time to mentor other members in their growth plans.

This mentoring time with top experts is available to DigitalHQ members by appointment.

Our current DigitalHQ Mentors include:

Julie Collison
Member Firm - Clear Strategy
Areas of Expertise
● Information and Data Strategy/Data Governance
● Business Intelligence & Analytics
● Project Management

Philip Doyle
Member Firm - Reverve Energy
Areas of Expertise
● Business Growth
● Digital Strategy/Transformation
● Product Development

Alex Cooney
Member Firm - CyberSafeIreland
Areas of Expertise
● Startups
● Starting a not-for-profit
● Project Management

Rob Fox
Member Firm - Site Passport
Areas of Expertise
● Blockchain
● Startups
● Business Development