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A year's work attracting investment,remote workers,home buyers, shoppers & visitors to Dún Laoghaire

In 2021 our 'Digital First Community' in Dún Laoghaire had the following outputs -

  • 26 collaborative online campaigns were delivered, from Valentine's Day special to a focus on local providers of gifts for Mother's Day, from a guide on buying a house in Dún Laoghaire to a feature on local interior design companies.

  • 1,323 individual social media posts were created by DigitalHQ in the year with 69 local businesses were supported through these campaigns.

  • 2,375 people commented on the posts, in particular in support of the local business being promoted.

In her role of Honorary Patron to DigitalHQ T.D. Jennifer Carroll MacNeill commented -

"Dún Laoghaire is the flagship for the 'Digital First Communities' model which has been developed here by DigitalHQ clg since 2016. The 'Digital First Communities' framework offers localities a way to work collaboratively to attract investment, remote workers, home buyers, shoppers and visitors to their place through digitalisation. This framework is directly aligned with the goals of our Government policies such as 'Our Rural Future', the National Broadband Plan, 'Town Centres First' and the Digital Ireland Framework of the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment."

Chair of DigitalHQ Chad Gilmer commented -

"DIGITALHQ has been successfully promoting Dun Laoghaire businesses online using a range of Online and Social platforms for Campaigns in 2021 and will be continuing and expanding on this success into 2022.

In 2022 we will also be expanding our impact in support of the Government's new 'DIGITAL IRELAND FRAMEWORK’ strategy and ‘TOWN CENTRES FIRST’ to help regional towns to leverage digital for growth."

We hope that sharing our work will help inspire other localities to establish 'Digital First Communities'.

You can see our impact report for the year containing useful information on how to establish a 'Digital First Community' in your locality here - >

Download PDF • 21.23MB


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