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Programme for Government commits to town centre regeneration

One of our mission objectives at DigitalHQ clg is to repurpose un-used buildings to vibrant coworking spaces thereby creating increased footfall for traditional, local businesses.

Therefore the extract below from Programme for Government is very welcome.


Town Centres First

We will commit to the development of a Town Centre First policy, modelled on the scheme developed by the Scottish Government, and informed by the Town Centre First pilot project. We will implement a strategic approach to town centre regeneration by utilising existing buildings and unused lands for new development, and promote residential occupancy in our rural towns and villages. We will use the National Planning Framework as our template. We will:

● Prioritise a Town Centres First collaborative and strategic approach to the regeneration of our villages and towns, using the Collaborative Town Centres Health Check (CTCHC) framework to gather data and lead actions.

● Bring forward an expanded Town and Village Renewal Scheme to bring vacant and derelict buildings back into use and promote residential occupancy.

● Provide seed capital to local authorities to provide serviced sites at cost in towns and villages to allow individuals and families build homes.


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