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New DigitalHQ book launched at the OECD Digital4SME Roundtable

On Friday 19th of April Eoin Costello, project director DigitalHQ, launched our latest book 'The Digital Growth Mindset ' for small businesses at the 5th OECD Digital4SME roundtable in Paris.

The Roundtable was opened by Director Lamia Kamal-Chaoui and Chaired by Vice-Minister Valentino Valentini, Minister of Enterprise, Italy. The core topic for discussion at the roundtable is how can we accelerate the digitalisation of 99% of our business population, SMEs.

Vice-Minister Valentino Valentini commented:

Ho ricevuto con piacere dal direttore Eoin Costello il nuovo libro del DigitalHQ a margine della riunione plenaria dell'iniziativa OECD Digital for Sme's #D4SME 

The book can be downloaded below -

Book 3 - Digital Growth Mindset
Download PDF • 61.27MB


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